Adrian Roger’s Homegoing

Dr. Adrian Rogers, went to be with the Lord yesterday. I made a passing comment about him on this weblog last Thursday, totally unaware of his illness. The remark was in reference to the voice of a man who has been recording Spurgeon sermons and making them available on the internet as podcasts. Here is my remark from that post:

“The guy that produces it lives somewhere in Texas, and he does a great job, even if he doesn’t sound quite British enough. At least he doesn’t sound like Adrian Rogers.”

In using Dr. Rogers as my example, I did not mean anything disrespectful. His name just happened to be the first well-known southern preacher that came to mind. I know that a Tennessee drawl is not the same as a Texas drawl, but you get the idea. I read about Dr. Roger’s passing at numerous sites yesterday, but a tribute by Dr. Albert Mohler on his weblog was by far the best. One comment in particular jumped out at me. It seemed to have been placed there just for me concerning my British-accent pun. Among many kind words and high praises, Dr. Mohler said:

He was a modern-day “Prince of Preachers”
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