The Philosopher, the Hedonist, Jonathan Edwards, and the Animals

Podcast Review

Here’s the best in Christian audio on the internet for this past week.

  • Renewing Your Mind continues to be at the top of my list when it comes to audio listening. Unfortunately, RYM continues to resist the prevailing direction of the future in online audio, namely podcasting. Right now, the free stuff is available strictly via audio streaming. I would be happy with a monthly subscription fee, just to be able to automatically download the radio broadcasts.
    In any case, this week on Renewing Your Mind has featured a great series by Dr. Sproul entitled Keeping in Step with the Spirit, which has concentrated on the practical means to growing in grace. To get a feel for the flow of this series here are the individual titles: Playing for keeps, Planning to Grow, and three lectures concerning the Obstacles of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. All very practical stuff. And remember, even though you can’t download them as mp3’s, you can listen to the streaming audio online for 30 days from their original airing.
  • Desiring God Radio, one of the newer podcasts that I have begun listening to also deals with a practical theme. John Piper began last Thursday on a series dealing with personal evangelism, using a booklet named Quest for Joy, designed after the pattern of the book on Christian hedonism, Desiring God, also by John Piper. Each episode is only 25 minutes long, but there is quite a bit packed in each one of those 25-minute packets.
  • The Spurgeon guyhas thrown us a curve this week by publishing a sermon not by Spurgeon. Yes I know I need to get his name since this is the second time I have cited his podcast. In any event, what came down the pike this week was none other than Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, by Jonathan Edwards. If you have ever heard Max Mclean’s version, this is every bit as good, but distinctly different. This is a must get. You will want to keep this classic.
  • Bulldogs and Piggies is the only true podcast on this list. By true, I mean as the term was first intended. This is not a spin off from an already existing radio program. There is no professional studio putting this out. There are no paid audio technicians, no slick announcers, no polished musical-backgrounded intros. There is just me introducing the sermons of my pastor preaching at my church. We are in 2 Timothy on Sunday mornings, and we are going through the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 on Wednesday evenings. We just finished a four-plus year journey through the Psalms last Sunday evening, and I am not sure where Pastor Harris is going next on Sunday evenings. You will just have to “tune in” to find out.

There you have it; four fine picks. Go back and catch what you missed this last week or so, and subscribe to them so you don’t miss another exciting episode.

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