Quotes around the Blogosphere

Doug Wilson: But then there is that other group, those with Calvinist brains and Pelagian hearts, who take credit for their understanding that they can’t take credit for anything. Good point. That makes all of a little bit Pelagian then, doesn’t it?
Doug Wilson: But to put it this way is really to invite confusion. So, what has stopped you in the past?

Dr. Albert Mohler: Dr. Rogers was a lion in our midst — the man God used to serve as leader and voice for a great resurgence of biblical Christianity. He was a man of tremendous gifts, whose booming voice was matched by a gift for words and a powerful delivery. He dominated the pulpit as few men ever have, preaching the Word and calling sinners to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He was a modern-day “Prince of Preachers” whose personal example served to encourage thousands of others to greater faithfulness in preaching the Word of God. We’ve all got warts, don’t we? At death is not the time to point them out, though. Dr. Mohler is one class act. God bless him.
Dr. Albert Mohler: “Are you Metrospiritual?” The title says it all you must read this one.

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