Don’t Say It If You Don’t Mean It.

publishing is warfare. Doug Wilson The pen is mightier than the sword, but more appropriately, I’d much rather go to war with pastor Wilson than against him. He can be my co-belligerent any day.

For a worldview is not just something you think. It is something you tell, something with a plot line and characters. It is a set of symbols, the kind that bring a lump to your throat. It is what you think. And your worldview is also sprinkled on your head, and is something you must eat and drink. Doug Wilson If someday he were to become a baptist, I might just up and move to Idaho.

I generally try to discourage Christians from trying to develop a better understanding of theology by listening in on heavy-drinking armchair-theologians’ dialogues anyway. Phil Johnson Good advice, but then, there wouldn’t have been anything fun to read, and write and laugh about for the better part of the last two weeks.

Could we do something less poultry-oriented this year? Phil Johnson That’s not American, is it?

they realize that the “old way” isn’t broke – its just filled with broken people. Jason Roberts at Fide-O Indeed, it is true. We all need to turn to the one unbroken man for mending.

Commenting on Phil Johnson’s Thanksgiving post: If only the Italians had landed on Plymouth Rock! We wouldn’t be eating flappy birds every Thanksgiving… Daniel at Doulogos

One thing that Cessationists and Continuationists must agree upon – there are very counterfeit versions of the gifting of tongues. Daniel at Doulogos Let’s hope that at least the honest ones do.

. . . pay attention in church on Sunday – God will speak to you if you let Him. Daniel at Doulogos

We should be far more concerned to see Christ kept in the Church and in professing Christians than we are to see what unbelieving institutions do with a holiday. Tom Ascoll at Founders Blog

But quirky is not heretical, which is, I guess, fortunate for me.
Doug Wilson From the same post pastor Wilson concludes with this: As an amillennial Lutheran, I understand the need for patience. Don’t tease us, please.

This week I will be posting a series on what ‘Calvinism’ is not. . . . You might get thunk and need a ride home. Jeremy Weaver at Doxoblogy There will be a sobriety check as you exit your browser. Seriously, this should be a good set of posts. In fact before I posted this Doxoblogy posted his first installment concerning the radical corruption of man. In case you didn’t get it, I dislike the acronym TULIP.

Criticism is not hard to come by. Winston Churchill stated, “Criticism is easy; achievement is more difficult.” Jason Janz at SharperIron It would appear to me that if you don’t draw at least some criticism once in a while, you aren’t running a very good blog. All of the best ones seem to move fluidly from, lets see, what was that word I saw earlier? Oh yes, all of the best ones seem to move fluidly from one imbroglio to another, without even skipping a beat.

We had a drama at church today! Pastor Steve Weaver I wonder how many Baptist church’s get this kind of a drama on a regular basis. Read this post by pastor Weaver for an excellent accompaniment to any Lord’s Supper observance.

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