Sharing Christ

What better gift could you possibly give this Christmas than the Gospel; that’s what the messages from these two podcasts are all about.

On Wednesday, Dr. John Piper began a short series around presenting the gospel using the most familiar single verse in the Bible, John 3:16. The first message is entitled The Danger: Perishing, part 1. The gospel presentation centers around what Dr. Piper calls the four D’s: Danger, Design, Duty, and Destination, all found within the one verse. Dr. Piper is in top form, as usual.

Pastor Rod Harris explains that Christmas means nothing apart from the gospel in The Unexpected Gift. This sermon from Genesis 3:15 presents the proto-evangel, or first gospel. Without an adequate understanding of the depths of sin and misery that Adam’s posterity is in, no one can adequately appreciate the coming of Messiah. This message was preached at Trinity Baptist Church, in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Sunday morning last, December 11.

This Christmas, let’s give gifts that have everlasting value; tell somebody about the Christ child, and why He came.

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