Slips, Trips, and Falls

Well, it’s that time again. Over the past week or so I have scraped up quirky quotes from all over the web-log world. I have widened my scope a bit, reading about half again more web logs than in previous weeks. I don’t know how I do it. Sometimes I amaze myself. I love posting little snippets like this. You see, I can take bits and pieces out of context with reckless abandon, and it’s okay. If you are curious enough to find out the context, there is the link to the whole post, right beside the quote. I guess my enjoyment of this kind of thing comes from all of those years when our middle child would take every figure of speech used in her presence, and literalize it. It would irritate me then, because she would always bring it up at the most trying and serious times. Now with her own little magpie, I just can’t wait for her to gain a grasp of the language. Mary, this is for you.

  • Sadly, many preachers like to work in a vacuum Pastor Steve Weaver My, oh my. I would suffocate in a vacuum. This brief post is an apt exhortation to us all, pastor and layman alike, to read the works of the “saints” of generations past. A good little post. I find very little from this young man (and his brother too) that I do not agree with.
  • As far as it goes, it is good that we have an accurate view of ourselves and our own unworthiness. But at the same time, when God gives us this understanding by His grace, we must not cling to that understanding obstinately when He then tells us how much He rejoices in us, delights over us, wants to be with us, and how He has removed every impediment to fellowship. Doug Wilson on the Lord’s table. Does anybody else get the impression that Doug Wilson and John Piper are reading from the same page? Looking back, I realize that last week I missed a few days posts of Pastor Wilson. I must go back and catch up. You catch up too.
  • The Episcopal Diocese of Newark, New Jersey is looking for a new bishop to lead them out of spiritual (and physical) decline. Here is a part of their search statement: We encourage nominations of persons of both genders, all racial and ethnic backgrounds, and of all sexual orientations. From Albert Mohler’s web log Hmmm, I wonder why they could possibly be in decline.
  • Balaam was a true prophet, but he was not a true man. Pastor Wilson at Blog and Mablog True enough.
  • Family trumps worship in their foolish, faddish, fabricated, fallacious, fatiferous, fa├žade of fanciful, factious, and falchion brand of faith. Sledgehammer at Camponthis No Failing marks here. I give this one an A+, and the post that follows, about The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is very good too.
  • . . .it’s not what you say, it’s what you mean. Matt Gumm at Still Reforming. Uh . . . let’s see now, is it just the thought that counts, or should we mean it when we say it? Well, you should read the post to get the thrust of the argument. Good post.
  • I may be struck dead for touching the ark of the covenant here . . . The paleoevangelical No “may” or might to it; just ask Uzzah. Sometimes church budgets can be just as dangerous, though.
  • It is only in more recent days that I came to see that I truly felt my worrying was somehow effectual. challies on Worry. Are you in the middle of something presently that keeps you up nights? Read this.
  • To describe yourself as a post-Protestant in a world still full of millions of regular old Protestants and regular old Roman Catholics is an attempt to wrap your personal thought preferences in the cloak of history — moreover in the cloak of history that hasn’t happened yet. Pastor Doug Wilson tearing up Brian McLaren’s A Generous Orthodoxy.
  • because cows cannot run very fast, it does not take much to pull the tail of the establishment Doug Wilson, from A Serrated Edge. Pastor Wilson must never have been around livestock. I was never able to pull a cows tail without first penning the beast up. Even then you run the risk of a swift and painful kick. Blog and Mablog runs a little bit of this book just about every day. I have thought about getting the book, but if I wait long enough, I will have read it all there for free.
  • I also told him that if he ever touches my daughter I have no problem at all with going back to prison. Challies reviewing the book 5 Paths to the Love of Your Life by
    Lauren F. Winner
    Hey, I have two daughters. I know that feeling.
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