From Ev’ry Stormy Wind: Authors

Hugh Stowell, the author to From Ev’ry Stormy Wind that Blows, was born December 3, 1799, on the Isle of Man, which is a small island in the Irish Sea, which was a part of the British Isles. He was educated at Oxford, and became a member of the Anglican clergy in 1823. Stowell wrote several theological books, and is credited with authorship of five hymns. From Ev’ry Stormy Wind is the only hymn of any popularity today. Hugh Stowell died on October 8, 1865, at Pendleton, Lancashire, England.
Source: The Cyber Hymnal

Thomas Hastings was born on October 15, 1784, in Washington, Connecticut. His father was a doctor, and young Thomas grew up on a farm. His life’s career was a music teacher, with no formal training. He taught himself, reading instruction books. He served the church in various capacities as a musician, mostly in the Presbyterian Church. In addition to training choirs to sing in church, Hastings wrote nearly 1000 hymn tunes and 600 hymn texts, a good number of which are still in use today. His hymn tune, Retreat, is the tune most often associated with our hymn by Hugh Stowell. Thomas Hastings died on May 15, 1872 in New York City.
Sources: Free Pages, and The Cyber Hymnal

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