Memory Verse Podcast, and First Hall of Fame Honoree

Those of you who stop by from time to time perhaps will have noticed some changes here of late, especially around the top side-bar header on the right side of this web log, the one named Threshing Floor. This little corner, as well as the majority of posts, has been set aside for the high-school Sunday-school class that my wife and I teach. Over the week end, with the aid of our class, we have launched a Bible-verse-memorization project, which involves two parts, both of which appear under the Threshing Floor header:

  • A link to a weekly podcast called A Well-Lit Path, which features audio files of memory verses, a new verse each week, read by a different student each week (hopefully, that is, if they can overcome microphone fright).
  • A Hall-of-Fame honor roll and audio clip of those students who were able to stand up and recite from memory the Bible verse that was assigned for memorization the week before. You will note that this week we had only one Hall-of-Fame recipient, Zach F., not because he was the only one who memorized his verse, but because he was the only one willing to stand before a live mic. Congratulations, Zach.

A written copy of the verse to learn is given to each student at the beginning of Sunday school, and the audio podcastis available by Monday afternoon, which can be accessed either by subscription, direct download, or by playing the streamed file directly from the website. The clip can then be listened through out the week, as a memorization aid. The Hall-of-Fame honor roll and audio clip is also posted here at this site by Monday afternoon.

Our class has decided that this is one way that we can take every thought ( and technology) captive to obey Christ (2 Cor. 10:5). We have started this podcast as a study aid for our class, but the class welcomes anyone to feel free to subscribe, download, or listen online to our recorded verses, to use the audio files to aid in your own memorization programs. Drop us a comment and let us know how you are using them.

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