Not-So-Traditional Hymnody

For those of you who enjoy the rich, full, Scriptural content of those old hymns, here are a couple of sites dedicated to solid lyrics. This first site uses the old lyrics of days (many) gone by, and either “modernizes” the tune or creates a new one. The other site is thoroughly modern, creating brand new church music. It all depends on what you are use to, but I think most will find the music available at these two sites profitable.

This link gets you to Bob Kauflin’s Blog. The music resources are found in the right margin. CD’s and music books are available for purchase, as well as other resources. Kauflin’s blog is very good too if you are involved in leading music in worship, no matter what style of music your church has.

Indelible Grace Music has a good many freely downloadable files of sheet music, piano scores, sample audio files, and great articles. CD’s of the performed music are also available for sale here. Go to the “Resources” block in the left margin. If you are a Mac user, this site is NOT Safari-frendly. Use Firefox instead.

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