The Proper Vision

Many posts over the Christian blogosphere, probably more than any of us realize, have been devoted to this won’t-go-away controversy concerning the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board. I have grown weary of all of the logical arguments, all of the rational positions, all of the speculations of intent, good will, bad will, etc., from either perspective. What I want to see is more posts like the samples I have excerpted below. To borrow from the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, in this matter, let’s have an eye towards the “great objects” of God’s Kingdom (Article XIV: Cooperation)

Art Rogers at 12 Witnesses, commenting on the book Eating the Elephant by Thom Rainer and Chuck Lawless.

The main tenet, with which I must agree, is that the structure is not the primary problem of any church. It is the focus of the church that becomes the root of all problems. Have we got God’s heart for the lost in the forefront of our minds? When we are able to do that, we can move toward whatever programming we may need. If we truly value the lost, we will give up our own comfort and be willing to risk much to get the job done.

Pastor Wade Burleson at Grace and Truth to You

I hope that we as Southern Baptists can come to the realization that what we are striving for in our mission efforts around the world is the evangelization and discipleship of people in need of a Savior.
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