Extend Resurrection Day

Here are a couple of ways to bring Resurrection Sunday with you into this new work week:

  • Listen to our pianist, Rebekah’s offertory special from yesterday. You can find the audio file to Hear the Bells Ringing, They’re Singing in the sidebar. The audio is a little rough, but that’s because it’s live. Listen to it soon; download it if you like; the file will be traded out with whatever she plays next Sunday (if it’s not a copywrited tune).
  • Listen to Pastor Rod’s sermon, Resurrection Hope from yesterday. Wade Burleson’s preaching was very good last week, but I feel like Dorothy in Oz: “There’s no place like home. . . There’s no place like home. . . There’s. . . .” Again, the audio is a bit rough, but that was because our #1 lapel mic went on the fritz, so the old back-up had to be pressed into service. Listen to the message and not the audio quality, and give God the glory for a risen Savior.
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