You Were Grafted In

It has been such a warm spring, and yesterday was so beautiful, I got up early before work and grafted a young pecan tree so that it would bear paper-shell pecans in the future. Every time I graft I think about Romans 11. What a wonderful, startling, and fearful picture of being included in God’s gracious covenant.
I took pictures to show the process. You can view the slide show if you like.
Update: I failed to mention that this is called a four-flap banana graft, and the variety being grafted on is “Pawnee”. Yes, I know, in Romans 11 Paul is referring to olive trees. Even though I am sure the type of graft was different, the same principle applies. I guess the illustration that grabs me is the fact that that little “dead” piece of scion wood gets its life from the stock, or “root”. Simply amazing.
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