Downloading Sermons by Series

I have just put up a new link near the top of the side bar which makes it much easier to browse and download the audio sermons that we have available at Bulldogs and Piggies. I only have two categories at this time, BFM2000 and Guests, but I will add pages as time permits featuring other sermon series. I hope that this “series” arrangement will make browsing and downloading audio files much easier than before.

  • The BFM2000 page features an 18-part study of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, which was delivered by Pastor Rod Harris on Wednesday evenings.
  • The Guests page contains the five sermons preached by Pastor Wade Burleson preached here in early April, 2006, during special meetings. Our audio equipment gave us fits during these meetings, so the audio leaves something to be desired on several of the messages. Our apologies.

Please feel free to download these sermons and distribute them where ever you see fit.

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