Greensboro or Bust

I will not be posting a Baptist, What Do You Believe? installment this week. It won’t be needed until next Sunday. Another brother will be leading a review lesson this Sunday morning in my Sunday-school class.
By the title of this post I’ve already let the cat out of the bag. Yes, were going. My wife and I, along with our pastor and his family, are making the 16-hour trek from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Greensboro, North Carolina. This will be my wife’s and my first convention, so Pastor Harris is going to hold our hands. For the congregation back home and others interested, I plan to post some From-the-Laymans-View articles while at the convention, maybe with a few photos sprinkled in. They might not be worth a flip, but I will let you decide that.
From all that has been going on lately, this year’s convention could prove to be one not to miss. In going, we certainly want to help, to represent our home church, to give it a voice at the convention. The five of us from Trinity certainly have our opinions concerning the issues that are pressing this year, but I think that all of us want to hear the discussion and debate, if any, to try to get the whole story and everybody’s point of view.

I have been saving this picture since shooting it back in March, thinking I would write a post titled something like “Can It be Salvaged?” I am glad that never took place. I am inserting it now to illustrate the need for regular, faithful maintenance, so our great convention, and especially the IMB doesn’t wind up like this old barn near Muskogee, Oklahoma. These past few months I have been so encouraged by the upbeat, optimistic words of Pastor Wade Burleson in his blog. He never misses a chance, as he did in this Friday’s post to praise the efficiency and effectiveness of the IMB, and his fellow trustees, and the faithful missionaries that are sent out by them (and thereby all us all). My prayer for this coming week is that we all pack our hammers and nail aprons, and leave our wrecking bars at home.
A word about the home front. Anybody thinking about burglarizing should be advised that the Marine will be at our house, and Barny (Fife) the attack Beagle will be guarding Pastor’s home.

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