Lady Plowman Turns the Earth in Texas Over Alcohol

[Editorial note, 07/17/07: Apparently the SB o TC has removed the content associated with the link below, as it is now a dead link. They must not have been very proud of their performance.]

My wife is amazing. She had carpal tunnel surgery on her right hand last Wednesday. By Monday she had had all she could take, after reading the comments for five days over at Southern Baptists of Texas Convention blog. With her right hand in a brace, and strict orders from her doctor not to do such nonsense with said right hand, she procedes to bang out a comment on the alcohol debate over there, giving them what-for. She’s right on the money, too. It’s all about being counted righteous in Christ, and not blaming anything or anybody else for your sin. It’s just you and the exceeding sinfulness of your own sin. If you’ve ever argued with her daddy, you’d know better than to tangle with Mrs. Farmer Brown. Go check it out. She made me proud.

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