Friday Photos, Last Year’s Labor-Day Vacation

The Mackinac bridge, Labor Day, 2005
Sunrise over Lake Huron, Labor Day, 2005

These photos were taken last Labor Day at the annual Mackinack bridge walk. We were staying with our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, who lived near by. They have since moved, and now live in Oklahoma City, where there is more sunshine, warmer winters, and many more opportunities for my wife and I to get to see our “Jelly Bean”.

The five of us walked across (Well, the little one was strolled across.) in a couple of hours. With Lake Michigan on your right, and Lake Ontario on your left, the walk begins on the upper peninsula end of the bridge and ends in the lower portion of Michigan. This Labor-Day walk has been going on for a ton of years, and I am told that it symbolizes the migration of all of the sane folk back to civilization before winter sets in.

Be sure and check out the Friday Photos Group posted on Flickr. The group has grown to 39 members, and many of your favorite bloggers post photos there.

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