Ten indicators that you might not belong in the SBC

1. The message you preached/heard last Sunday had more quotations from Presbyterians than from Baptists.
2. Most of the blogs you read are named after taverns.
3. You have a hard time finding something worth singing in the Baptist Hymnal.
4. Your Sunday-school class decides to build a piƱata for an upcoming class party, and everybody brings the state Baptist newspaper for building material. You wish Baptist Press came in hard copy too.
5. You try to spell words without using c’s and p’s.
6. You are considering names for your next child so that his initials will be R. C.
7. You suggest to your Sunday-school class that they use the Heidelberg Catechism for their next quarter’s study material.
8. You own and have read every book John Piper has ever written.
9. An Advent wreath is the centerpiece on your dining-room table during the holidays.
10. You realize that now that your children are all grown, infant baptism isn’t such an issue any more. (Mark Dever makes the point that at least one reason that the PCA is presently one of the fastest growing denominations in America is that Southern Baptists are joining it in droves. (By Whose Authority?; 9Marks; Washington, DC; page 26))
Bonus indicator: You have a hard time deciding wether to name your new family pet Bobby, or Paige.

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