I Hate Winter

There, I’ve said it. Some time each October my wife and change the exchange of pleasantries from “Good morning, [Sugar]” (several variants are possible.), to “I hate winter!” I use to feel a bit guilty when I said it, thinking it probably was being unthankful or disrespectful to God. Then I thought, “The Garden wasn’t this way before the fall, and Heaven won’t be this way. I bet the new heavens and the new earth won’t be this way. What do you think?
The great snow fall of November 30, 2006, ending in the wee hours of December 1. The tracks are mine. At 12:30 a.m. I had to walk the last quarter mile to my house. After 22 miles driving from my work to the house, I got stuck in a drift climbing the hill just south of our house.
You notice It is a sunny day today. We will be running around in shorts and t-shirts by the weekend.

Those of you who enjoy snow, and love winter, you need to repent.
One more time: I hate winter!

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