Silent Lord’s Supper

No, Marcel Marceau was not our special guest speaker. Last Sunday nights Lord’s Supper service was totally absent of the human voice. In prior services we were given a brief outline as to how this service would be conducted, so this was all planned in advance and there were really no surprises for anyone. We were guided through the service by a worship folder, listing specific items to pray for and about , as well as the reading of God’s word. There was an ample amount of time allowing for this as well as a number of listed questions for reflection in each section. The pastor and deacons came in at the beginning of the service and sat down on the front row of seats, and toward the end of the service they all stood up and served the congregation the elements of the table, first the bread and then the “wine”.

The service was not totally silent, however. We had a couple of guest musicians who played a huge black marimba at the front of the sanctuary. Some of their offerings were familiar – Amazing Grace and A Mighty Fortress – while many others were not. The natural style of the instrument combined with the selections played aided in the quiet, reflective atmosphere of the service. The musicians played continually throughout the service, even after Pastor Harris and the deacons filed out, until every member had left the sanctuary. Members had been encouraged to stay as long as they liked after the service in order to pray.

This is the first time I have participated in a Lord’s Supper service like this, and I would have to say that, for me anyway, it worked the way it was intended. I found myself thinking more about the work of Christ on the cross, and the great love of God in giving His Son in this manner, which prompted me to worship by giving thanks to God. Other unexpected thoughts also flooded my mind: the needs of the lost around me, where I work and live; and the state of my students in Sunday school. They are all good kids, and I believe that virtually all of them are believers (only God knows), but I long to see a passion in more of them for God’s word and God’s kingdom.

If you would like to know more about a silent Lord’s Supper service, drop me a comment and I will post the entire worship folder that we used. Have a great week.

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