What’s Next?

This second message in the "Ultimante Questions" series was delivered by Pastor Rod Harris on Sunday evening, March 25, 2007 and was taken from Romans 2:1-16.

Pastor Rod emphasizes six principles of the judgement of God from the text:

  1. God’s judgement is true and right. v. 2
  2. God’s judgement is a righteous judgement. v. 5
  3. God’s judgement is individual. v. 6
  4. God’s judgement is according to knowledge. v. 12
  5. God’s judgement cannot be denied. it is incontrovertible. v. 15
  6. God’s judgement is thorough. v. 16

The good news of the gospel is "I have an advocate." When the judgement is pronounced, the Lord Jesus will say "All of the things you say about this one is true, but he is mine." Our hope is settled and secure in Christ.

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