Maintaining Faith in the Face of Faithlessness: A Study of Jude

This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday evening, May 20, 2007, and was taken from the book of Jude.

Introduction: Pastor Rod comments on the comments he read on the internet on the passing of Jerry Fallwell. This is the world we live in. This is the culture that surrounds us. This is the dead, dark world that we are to be salt and light in. The world is changing. It is an increasingly faithless world. What does the book of Jude have to teach us?

  1. vs. 1,2: We must faithfully, regularly remember our glorious salvation.
    1. We are called: “those who are called”
    2. God loves us: “beloved in God”
    3. Christ keeps us: “kept by for Jesus Christ”
  2. v. 3: We must fervently fulfill our sacred obligation: “contend for the faith”, or stand for the truth of the gospel. This is one thing worth fighting for. This is one thing we can contend for without being contentious. Why must we contend? see v. 4
  3. vs. 17-23: We must perform our solemn duty. Together we are commanded to build up one another.
  4. vs. 24, 25: We must tenaciously cling to our future hope. Jude, in this doxology, finishes where he began in verse 1. “kept for Jesus . . . Now to him who is able to keep you”.
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