Random Short Thoughts on the SBC Convention 2007

Well we’re packing up and heading home. I can’t wait to kiss the ground where I live.

I’m not going to go on and on about what I thought about every comment, motion, and speech this year’s SBC conference at San Antonio. You can find that at the regular places. Here’s just a few contrast pairs and short thoughts:

Seminary Presidents
Dr. Mohler: class act
Dr. Patterson: class clown

Emphasis of SBC Presidents
2007: Rely on prayer and the Holy Spirit.
2006: Dunk ’em and then try to find them.

Thoughts on Tom Ascol and His Resolution On Integrity in Church Membership
The spirit of William Wilberforce is among us. For the second time in as many years, Ascol, after having his resolution failing to make it out of committee, attempted to have the recommendation brought directly to the convention floor for consideration. This year, as last, the the resolution failed to get a two-thirds vote to be brought for consideration directly by the messengers. Ascol, as did Wilberforce, believes in the sovereignty of God. Judging by the sea of yellow cards preventing the resolution from being brought to the floor, that is just the kind of man that is needed for the job. Every number has a story. I guess the story with 18 million is that SBC messengers prefer dishonesty two to one. The committee that refused to bring it to the convention in the first place must be for dishonesty by a much more vast majority. Pastor Ascol, be patient and don’t give up. At least some of us are praying for you. I hope to see your resolution again next year.

Dr. Yarnell, haven’t you ever heard the proverbial “bears the weight of a resolution”? But at least the secular world around us know what we think. Jesus was full of grace AND truth. I guess we are better, being filled with just grace.

I may have a few more thoughts later, but if you are dying for in-depth analysis don’t look here. The best post of the convention: check it out.

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