Truly Missional

What does that mean? I’m not really sure, but I think that the church I attend might be doing at least some of it. To get a glimpse of what we did/are doing last week and this, take a gander at my pastor’s weekly address. The one thing he doesn’t mention is the fact that he rode the bus with the group to Arizona, and before that he had just gotten back from a 9-plus hour road trip Thursday evening, from this years Southern Baptist annual convention in San Antonio. And then yesterday he preached the message you will find in my previous post. I tell you, he is a tireless campaigner, who never brings attention to himself.

All Politics is Local.
I believe this phrase applies to the work of God’s kingdom every bit as much as it does to secular politics. In other words, the best, most efficient way to impact your world for Christ is to do something yourself. Partnering with smaller churches unable to man their own VBS is something some SBC agency can’t even begin to help with. Our little joint VBS project will impact the west side of Tulsa for the glory of God, and we don’t even care which church “benefits” the most. We just want to see children in our community hear the gospel unto salvation. And that didn’t take any Cooperative Program dollars.

Those of you out there who want to change our convention, prayerfully do what you feel like you need to do. Just don’t forget to do what you ought to be doing at home.

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