Bloggers on Blogging

In my readings the past couple of weeks I have come across several posts dealing with the subject of blogging. These kinds of posts usually take on one or more of these three flavors:

  • “Most bloggers shouldn’t be blogging, because they don’t have anything worthwhile to say, or they say it badly, and it is my duty to run off all of you wanna-be’s.”
  • “I’m sick of blogging, and I want you to be sick of blogging too.”
  • “Blogging is tough. You need a thick skin. Good luck, and blessings.”

For the most part, the examples below concentrate on the third type of post:

On June 15 Tony Reinke, of The Shepherd’s Scrapbook posted TSS Bday and Tips for Christian Bloggers. in which he gives a brief state-of-the-blog address, followed by a list of 12 tips for, as the title implies, Christian bloggers. The tips portion of this post is a helpful, semi-serious bit of advice to blogging and bloggers.

Then there is this from Ben Cole back on June 25th: Rules For Blogging…, most of which is funny, though some of the rules hit a bit too close to home. You have to understand Cole’s sense of humor – I’m not sure many do – in order to appreciate this post.

Most recently, June 29th, from Frank Turk, blogging from the Founders’ 25th anniversary conference, here’s a Founders Conference, Addendum, in which Frank comments on a forum on blogging led by Pastor Tom Ascol. Anyone who has read the Centuri0n knows that he too can tell it like it is to the abrasion of some. I found this post, however, to be mildly subdued and quite reflective. There was a ton of bloggers at this event, and I was hoping for more of them to comment on this little forum. As of yet, no dice. Stay posted.

If you blog or you think you would like to, you should read these three posts. They are all three funny and informative.

By the by, I haven’t comment on the 25th anniversary Founders Conference. I’m still pouting. Only thirty miles away and I wasn’t able to go. I have to work for a living. Pastor Rod didn’t get to go either. I know he wanted to be there, but he was busy helping out with VBS.

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