The Lot of Lot

Paul BurlesonThis message by Rev. Paul Burleson was delivered at Trinity Baptists Church during a series of meetings entitled “Week of Renewal.” Rev. Burleson spoke to us from Genesis 13:1-12

Riches is not an evidence of God’s blessing. Riches are evidence of God’s testing. Looking at Lot’s life and trying to determine what he was thinking will help us to avoid the sins of Lot.
1. It very well could be that Lot forgot about his relationship with the Lord. Lot knew that the Lord loved him. Lot knew that the Lord had forgiven him. At some point he had just forgotten. Each one of us is created with the need to be loved.

2. We will commit ourselves to whatever we believe will meet the needs of our life. Only God can love us, and continue to love us unconditionally. Everything and everyone else will eventually let you down. Lot committed himself to riches, thinking that it would meet his life needs.

Nobody wants to be a Lot. We all want to end well. What will it take? What is essential? In the messages over the next three nights we will cover what it takes to end well.

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