The Bad Side of the Good News

markThis message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist on Sunday morning, November 18, 2007, and was taken from Mark 11:12-22.

This morning Pastor Rod shares the bad side of the good news. These events serve to remind us that all that glitters is not gold, and our Sovereign comes in righteous judgment of a lively yet empty religion.

  1. The cursing of the fig tree warns that our Lord’s fierce wrath will be loosed on promising yet fruitless faith.
  2. The cleansing of the temple warns that our Lord’s righteous anger burns against vibrant yet perverted worship.
  3. Our lord’s sovereign activity enrages the unrighteous, and yet inspires a multitude.

The Gospel is good news. If you haven’t yet, flee to Christ and live. But be warned if that is not your heart, and you are playing a game, your church attendance will not save you. Your giving to the offering will not deliver you. It will only enrage the holy wrath of a holy God against your perversion of his truth.

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