Wake Up! And Stay Awake

badge-markThis message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, January 27, 2008, and was taken from Mark 13:1-37.

Uncertainty is difficult to deal with. The contents of Mark 13, concerning the return of Jesus, is a prime example. In dealing with last things there is, however, certainty in these three areas:

  1. Jesus is coming again, literally, visibly, physically.
  2. There is great uncertainty concerning the events surround Jesus’ coming.
  3. We better be doing the task he has given us when he returns: preaching the gospel.

Interpretation of biblical prophecy is not an exact science. We should not be concerned with defending one particular view. What should concern us is dealing faithfully with whatever text is before us.

What principle do we learn from this text to teach us how to live?

  1. We are not to be alarmed by tumultuous times.
  2. We are to long for his appearing.
  3. We are to remain focused on the task assigned in verses 28-37.

We should not be so focused on the details that we miss the message, which is Jesus’ return.

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