The Glory of Christ Seen in the Supper

badge-markThis message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, February 17, 2008, prior to an observance of the Lord’s Table, and was taken from Mark 14:12-26.

Here we are 2000 years after the night in that upper room where Jesus gathered with his disciples. They were there to observe the Passover meal, a centuries-old tradition, whose purpose was to recount the mighty deeds of God in delivering the children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt. On that night this meal was transformed by Jesus to become one of the two ordinances given to the Church by him. In it we are given an opportunity to look back to what he did in his life, death, and resurrection, and then look forward to what he has provided for and promised to us. There is however a danger in spiritual matters in treating the sacred as something common, the danger of familiarity, of becoming too comfortable.

In this passage we find three things that reveal the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in this passage. Be reminded that this is his table, his meal. This is about him, not about us.

  1. He is revealed as our gracious, gracious Lord.
  2. He is revealed as our sovereign judge.
  3. He is revealed as the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.

Stand in awe of Him. Take, eat, drink, and remember. Look to Christ and live.

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