In What or Whom Do You Trust

harp_01.jpgAn exposition of Psalm 49:1-20. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, April 27, 2008.

Today we address something important, about the meaning of life, and the key to living well. The key to this Psalm is that the righteous understand the meaning of the folly of seeking meaning in material possessions. Most measure success by three things: money, power and fame. God’s word tells the contrary, that these things are not where true satisfaction and meaning in life lie. On the other hand, poverty is not equated with blessedness. A good exercise for all of us is to ask the question “What is it that satisfies me, and brings me real joy and fulfillment?”

In Psalm 49 the psalmist reveals four things:

  1.  See in verses 5-9 the foolishness of trusting in riches.
  2. See in verses 10-13 that death is inevitable.
  3. See in verses 14-15 that there is a great contrast between those who trust in riches, and those who trust in God.
  4. See in verses 16-20 that the righteous seek understanding rather than prosperity.

Life, meaning, and purpose is found in Christ, and Christ alone. All else is just a passing joy, and ultimately results in a wasted life. What is your passion, your joy, that which gives you satisfaction. Warning If your answer to that is anything other than “My God, my Savior, my Lord,” it will not last and will ultimately be your doom rather than your glory.

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