I Know God’s in Control, But…

harp_01.jpgAn exposition of Psalm 37:1-20. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, May 18, 2008.

Pastor Rod appropriately leads this message off with “Doctrine is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it really makes me mad.” There is indeed a struggle inside of each of us to see and understand the bigger picture. These words are simply a reminder of some things you already know but sometimes forget in trying times. Peace in the midst of trying times demands a clear vision and a trusting heart.

1. Believers must take their eyes off their sorrows in order to look up and look ahead. This is accomplished by:
a. putting things in perspective.
b. looking up.
1. Trust in the Lord (v.3).
2. Delight in the Lord (v. 4).
3. Commit yourself to the Lord (v. 5).
4. Wait patiently on the Lord (v. 7).
5. Refrain from anger (against God) (v. 8).
c. looking ahead to the future.
2. Believers must rest their hope in God’s sovereign control.

Conclusion: Peace in the storm is the result of a clear vision and a trusting heart.

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