Lying Preachers and Deceitful Guides

JeremiahAn exposition of Jeremiah 23:9-40. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday evening, June 1, 2008.

False teaching has been an issue with the people of God from the very beginning. It began in the garden: “Did God say?” Resources available to us today is almost beyond belief; much of it good, much of it not just bad, but deadly. In terms of a mixed bag, nothing much has changed since the times of Jeremiah. What are we to do with conflicting voices? Be careful who you listen to and what you read.

A. Three things about false teachers you should know:

  1. False teachers come proclaiming their own vain imagining, their flawed dreams, and their false theology, all in the guise of a word from God.
  2. False teachers consistently deny God’s revealed truth.
  3. The ministry of the false teachers produces bitter fruit.

How should we respond to the wickedness of false teaching?

  1. Our first response should be broken hearts and genuine mourning.
  2. We should respond by carefully guarding our own speech and bridling our own tongue.
  3. We must make certain to consistently look to Christ 32

We should not come to the house of God to hear the opinions of men. We come to hear a word from God

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