The Honeymoon Is Over

revelation.jpgAn exposition of Revelation 2:1-7. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, June 15, 2008.

Beginning in chapter two of Revelation, Jesus is sending messages through John to seven churches in Asia Minor. This letter is intended for those seven churches, but as seven is a number for completeness, this letter is also intended for The Church catholic (churches in every place and every age, past, present and future). Today’s message deals with the first message to the church that is in Ephesus.

Authentic orthodoxy possesses a genuine passion for Christ. Doctrine does matter. You must believe the right stuff, but you must also believe it passionately.
1. Orthodoxy without passion proves to be a powerless thing.
2. Remember, repent and return to passionate orthodoxy for a remedy to powerlessness. 3. An impassioned orthodoxy ensures a glorious future.

It is possible to carry on the work of the church, to continue to hold to all of the orthodox doctrines, and still be on the verge of being stripped of our church by the one who holds the church in his right hand. These are very disturbing and frightening words, and should cause each of us to ask “Where is your passion?”

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