The Cup of Wrath

JeremiahAn exposition of Jeremiah 25:15-38. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday evening, June 29, 2008.

Are there many paths to God? What does [esvbible reference=”John 14:6” header=”on” format=”tooltip”]John 14:6[/esvbible] mean? What do most Americans believe today anyway? By and large Americans in today’s post-modern world you can believe pretty much what you want. Just don’t have a narrow view that your way is the only way.

1 God is coming in judgment of the wicked.
2 The cup of God’s wrath was not reserved for Jeremiah’s time alone. A cup of wrath is reserved for anyone who refuses God’s gracious offer of life in the person of Jesus Christ. We have not preached the gospel until we declare this.
3 God is not being unreasonable. This message comes after centuries of rebellion from his people.
4 The wonder of the gospel is found in the fact that Christ consumed the cup of the wrath of God for you and for me who believe.

The question is will you consume the cup of God’s wrath for your self or will Jesus consume  it for you? The only hope for our world is not in education, treaty, or the right presidential candidate. The only hope for our world is if the church faithfully, consistently preaches the gospel of grace of Jesus Christ.

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