A New Lease on Life

Galatians #05 – An exposition of Galatians 3:23-29. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, February 8, 2009.

Are you ever dissatisfied with your life?  Do ever wish things were different?  Do you find yourself daydreaming about a different life with different circumstances?  Let’s face it we are a society of discontents.  Our culture makes us that way.  You’ve seen the television commercials.  If you were to sit down and watch two hours of television commercials you would walk away convinced that nothing in your life is right!  You do not wear the right clothes; use the right toothpaste, the right deodorant or drive the right car.  You don’t even use the right kitty litter.  Your life stinks.  You can’t do anything right.  Of course the announcer is quick to point out that you can start down the right path by buying their product.  “Buy this book, this tape – take this course and you are on your way to a bright and happy future.”  Better yet, “use our toothpaste and you’ll be the toast of the town.”  Want to loose weight?  Drink this.  I bought some of those pills that help improve your memory…I can’t remember where I put them!

The problem with all these solutions is that they are not solutions.  They do not address the problems – they merely rearrange the problems.  If you really want things to be different you need an encounter with the living God.  You need a transformation from the inside out.  You need to discover Paul’s secret to a new you.  And it is found in Galatians chapter three beginning with verse twenty-three.

Text: Galatians 3:23-29

Thesis: The liberating power of the gospel grants the believer a new lease on life.

Sermon Outline

  1. The liberating power of the gospel enables a new and living relationship with God.  (3:26-27)
  2. The liberating power of the gospel shatters the barriers that separate us.  (3:28)
  3. The liberating power of the gospel guarantees a glorious inheritance.  (3:29)

Do you wish your life was different?  Do you wish you had the chance to start over?  In Christ you will find a new lease on life.

  • Through a new relationship with God.
  • One that shatters all the barriers that separate us.
  • One that guarantees a glorious inheritance.
  • It is all found in the gospel and it is yours by faith.
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