Who’s Doing the Work of God?

Questions #11. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday evening, February 10, 2010.

It is a natural question and one worth asking.  If, as God’s people, we to be about His business then it is worth asking, “Who is doing the work of God today?”  If we are to determine who is doing the work of God must we look to the New York Times best sellers list?  Or perhaps we turn to our own Baptist Messenger.  A few weeks ago the Messenger featured two articles one naming those who have the most influence on Southern Baptist another naming 10 pastors who should be watched as rising stars within the convention.  But what of those who didn’t make either list?  Are they having any impact on the Kingdom of God?  What about that young couple who turns their back on family, friends and fortune and give their all to an obscure place on the other side of the world where they will labor for decades and see a meager harvest and may even be modern day martyrs?  What are we to say of than dedicated layman who quietly serves behind the scene maintaining the building and doing a thousand things no one even notices?  What of that faithful woman who rocks and loves babies in the nursery?  Or the deacon who stands outside the hospital room and weeps with a family following the death of their loved one?  Which of these is doing the work of God?

We suffer under a great delusion born of our modern culture, “If it’s bigger it must be better.”  The man preaching to millions through radio, television and the internet must be doing a great work.  The one who is a household name around the world must be considered great in the Kingdom of God.  According to who’s standard?  What is the criteria for determining greatness in God’s sight?  We must not forget His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.  Let me give you a list of activities and I want you to rank them in order of importance:

  • Mopping a dirty floor
  • Wiping a runny nose
  • Winning a soul to Christ
  • Giving an honest days work to your employer
  • Praying for a missionary

Now obviously there are things on this list that are of greater importance.  Certainly winning a soul for Christ and wiping a runny nose do not have the same importance in light of eternity.  Would you put mopping a dirty floor on the same level as praying for a missionary?  Let me ask you to hold off on making your list and let’s think about the big picture for a minute.

Maybe in answering the question about what is most important we should ask the question a little differently.  Perhaps we should ask, “What is the most important thing for me to do right now?”  Asking the question in that way recognizes that you need to consider your ability in the context of your immediate circumstance.  At the same time we must remember the biblical injunction to do all that we do for the glory of God.  Wherever I am, whatever I do – I’m to do it for God’s glory.  I am to do it in service to Him.  If at this moment there is a runny nose that needs wiping, I need to do that and I need to do it for the glory of God.

To do something for God’s glory is to do it for the purpose of pleasing Him.  The man who is seeking to please God is doing the most important thing a creature can do.  It is doesn’t matter if men see what he is doing as being important or not.

Here is the principle:
You are doing the work of God when you seek to please Him.  You are not doing the work of God if your goal is not to please Him.

What we do is not the most important thing.  You may be praying for a missionary or you may be giving your employer an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.  The act is secondary.  Aiming to please God is the important thing.

Some Examples:

  • The example of Mary – Mark14:3-9.
  • Consider the story of Naaman the leper – 2 Kings 5.
  • 2 Kings 5:2,3
  • 2 Kings 5:11
  • One last example – Dorcas – Acts 9:39-42

Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not saying you should not pray for missionaries, or hand out tracts or witness to your neighbors.  You are to do all of that.  But I am saying, broaden your understanding.  You are to do all that you do for the glory of God.

What is your job for God?  I don’t know.  But I can tell you its not hard to figure out.  Where did God put you?  In an office?  Aim to please Him, and your office work becomes the work of God.  A classroom?  Aim to please Him and your classroom becomes the work of God.  A shop?  A home?  A sales rout?  Just keep before you the fact that you are serving God not man.  Your day to day chore is Christian work when you aim to please Him in all that you do.

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