Confidence and Comfort

An romansexposition of Romans 8:28-39. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, February 21, 2010.

According to the Scriptures we are to be a “peculiar” people.  That doesn’t mean “strange” or “weird.”  It means that we stand out as different.  A people “marked off” as belonging to some unique group or a particular identity.  It means that we think differently than those around us.  We have another way of interpreting the world, of assessing value, and determining what matters and what does not.  Our faith is not just a set if ideas or concepts that we believe to be true but a life that we embrace.  We embrace truth and that truth affects the way we live.  We actually believe there is a God and that belief impacts how we live our lives.  We actually believe that there is a heaven and a hell; that sin is more than an attempt to define evil; that Jesus really was the Son of God who came to save us from the wrath of God; and those beliefs are cherished and “lived out.”  Because of that we look, act and think differently.

One of the things that ought to stand out, and stand out even more as the days grow more wicked, is our optimism and hope.  Of all the people on the planet we ought to face the future with confidence and courage because we know where this is heading!  We know that history is going somewhere.  That there is a person who is directing this show and it will end at His throne and it will bring Him glory.  I’m not talking about a shallow, superficial, pollyanna kind of optimism but rather a deep and abiding confidence that all things work together for our good and His glory.  Our text this morning is found in Romans chapter 8 beginning with verse 28.

Text: Romans 8:28-39
This is a comforting and yet disturbing passage.
Comforting because it so powerfully assures us of God’s presence and work.
Yet disturbing because it uses a word that is bothersome – “predestination.”

What I hope to show you is that this is a very comforting passage assuring us a some wonderful truths.  Truths that will provide shelter in times of storm.  Truths that will anchor your soul in times of doubt, heartache and turmoil.  This is another of those “mountain peak” passages in Scripture.  Do you remember I said, a couple of weeks ago, that this passage is set off with “no condemnation” on one side and “no separation” on the other?  We’ve talked of the comfort from knowing there remains no condemnation for those who are in Christ – now we are assured that nothing will ever separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

As we work our way through this text we are reminded that…

Thesis: As the people of God we are to be marked by an unshakable confidence and an abiding comfort.
Let me point out two things from this text.

  1. Our confidence rests in God’s sovereign and gracious work.  (8:28-29)
  2. Our comfort is born of God’s preserving love.  (8:31-39)

Our confidence rests in God’s sovereign and gracious work.
Our comfort is born of God’s preserving love.

Thus we are marked by an unshakable confidence and an abiding comfort.

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