Christian Commitment

An exposition of Romans 12:1-2.romans This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, March 28, 2010.

What is expected of me as a Christian?  What level of involvement does my faith demand?  Is it possible to give my heart to Jesus and be saved and then later commit to more?  Can I trust Jesus as Savior now and as Lord later?  Now you certainly wouldn’t expect the same from me as a lowly church member as you do the pastor?  Is there a chart that shows the various commitment levels?  It seems to me there is a lot of confusion about commitment and expectations within the church.  Part of that confusion is due to not understanding distinctions between assignments within the church and commitment.  Responsibilities and commitment are not synonymous.  The pastor may be expected to visit the sick and those in the hospital, prepare three sermons a week, do the counseling and oversee the administration of church business but that is a matter of assigned responsibility not commitment.  Due to the amount of time required to focus on those task he is paid to free him to concentrate on those responsibilities but all believers are to be as committed as the pastor.  Every Christian is to be committed to Christ and to His church with all of their being.  There is not a level for average member and then you step up to above average, then you enter the realm of exceptional member by being made a deacon or Sunday School teacher or youth worker and then, by God’s grace, you move to the exalted level of church staff,  with each level demanding more and more commitment.  Just what is required of you as a Christian?  That is the focus of our text this morning found in Romans chapter 12.

Text: Romans 12:1-2

We’ve come to a new section within Paul’s letter to the Roman Christians. We’re moving from the doctrine to duty. We’re moving from theology to practice. But don’t think the two are unrelated – they are not. The one flows from the other.
Duty is built on doctrine. Theology moves us to practice.

Just what is required of the believer?  What are responsibilities?  What is Christian commitment?

We are going to consider the basis, the demands, the requirements and the fruit of Christian commitment as we work our way through these 2 verses.

  1. First, the basis: Christian commitment is in response to the mercies of God in Christ.  (12:1a)
  2. Christian commitment demands your whole being.  (12:1b)
  3. Christian commitment requires your saying no to the spirit of the age and yes to the transforming work of the Spirit of God.  (12:2a)
  4. Christian commitment enables you to discern the will of God.  (12:2b)
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