A Fulfilling Life

An exposition of John 3:22-30. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, January 16, 2011.

Introduction: It is not the word most folks would use to describe their life.  In fact many would have to confess they know the dictionary definition of the word but have little experiential knowledge of the concept.  The word is “fulfilled.”  To fulfill means to “measure up; to satisfy; to develop to the full potential.”  There are a lot of “unfulfilled” folks running around out there.  Unfulfilled in their marriage, on their job, in their church, in their life as a whole.  According to a recent survey 72% of all Americans wished they had a different job.  Folks living their lives in quiet desperation.  They eat and sleep.  They work, reproduce, study, learn and forget.  They play it safe; they tiptoe through life with no aspiration other than to arrive at death safely.  Living without ever having lived.

His name was John.  They called him “the baptizer.”  He came from the desert region beyond the Jordan.  Rough, uncultured, considered by most to be a “country bumpkin.”  Some said he was a nut.  He died at about the age of 30.  He met a violent end at the hands of an insanely jealous political leader.  A young revolutionary cut down in his prime.  His life was over before it ever got started.  A tragic, brief life…yet Jesus said of him, “Among those born of woman there has not risen anyone greater than the John the Baptist” (Matthew 11:11).  His was a life full blown.  Brief yet full.  He is the poster child of the fulfilled life.  Our text this morning is found in the 3rd chapter of John’s Gospel.

Text: John 3:22-30

John’s life serves to remind us that…

A life of genuine fulfillment awaits those who follow a biblical path.

3 principles or secrets of a fulfilling life.

  1. A fulfilled life willingly yields to the sovereignty of God.  (3:27-28)
  2. A fulfilled life joyfully submits to its divinely assigned task.  (3:29)
  3. A fulfilled life continually seeks to exalt the Savior.  (3:30)

Conclusion: A life of genuine fulfillment awaits those who follow a biblical path.

That path demands:

  • You willingly yield to God’s sovereignty.
  • You joyfully submit to your divinely assigned task.
  • You continually seek to exalt the Savior.
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