Two Miracles & Three Important Lessons

Gospel of John #17: An exposition of John 6:1-21. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, March 6, 2011.

Do you believe in miracles?  I know we live in a sophisticated time.  Ours is a scientific age and some would suggest that we are just too intelligent to believe in miracles but I want to go on record as one who unashamedly, unapologetically believes in miracles!  Our God is a miracle-working God.  I asked, in a classroom setting once, if the class believed in miracles.  One scoffer said, “Yeah I believe in miracles.  Just last week my wife turned our car into a telephone pole.”  Even a casual reading of the New Testament reveals our God is a God of miracles.  Opening the eyes of the blind; making the lame to walk; calling the dead to life.  The Lord Jesus was and is a miracle worker.  If you are too sophisticated for that well…your just too sophisticated.  John 6 is a miracle chapter.  This morning I want us to explore the first 21 verses of John chapter 6.

Text: John 6:1-21

John tells us his purpose in writing is evangelistic – John 20:30-31.
“…these things are written that you might know the Jesus is the Christ and that you might have life by believing in his name.”

As we approach chapter 6 Jesus is still gaining in popularity.
Large crowds follow him everywhere.
At the same time controversy is mounting.
While the masses adore him – the religious establishment despises him.

John has just told us of the healing of the man at the Pool of Bethesda.
While the crowds rejoiced the leadership wanted someone punished for violating the Sabbath.
As Jesus justified his actions the charge of blasphemy was added.

John 5:19-47 records Jesus’ defense as he calls on various witnesses:
God the Father who affirmed that Jesus was His one and only Son.
John the Baptist who testified to the purpose of His coming – the Lamb of God…
The miracles testified to the truthfulness of His message.
The Scriptures testified to the glory of His person.

Now in the opening verses of chapter 6 we find 2 miracles and 3 important lessons.

  1. The feeding of the 5000 demonstrates the power of God to supply your every need.  (6:1-13)
  2. Jesus’ walking on the water demonstrates the power of God to calm your every fear.  (6:16-21)
  3. Jesus’ response to the adoring crowd demonstrates the fact that He will not be used.  (6:14-15)
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