Seeing the Father through the Son

Gospel of John #37: an exposition of John 14:7-11. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, September 18, 2011.

It was a beautiful day for climbing.  The sky was clear the air was crisp.  He had set out early to get a jump on the day.  He had made good progress when loose rock gave way.  He lost his balance, fell, rolled down the slop grasping at anything and everything as he picked up speed.  Nothing held.  There was absolute silence as he went over the edge and began his descent.  Miraculously he managed to grab a limb that hung over the abyss.  When he opened his eyes he saw that he was a good 20 feet below the ledge and 200 feet above the canyon floor.  In a panic he cried, “Help!  Somebody, help!”  Nothing but the sound of his own echo.  Terrified he cried, “Oh God, help me.”  A voice responded, “Let go.”  “What?”  “Let go of the limb.”  “Who are you?”  “It’s me, God.  Let go of the limb.  Trust me.”  Silence.  After a few seconds the man cried, “Is there anyone else up there?”

Do you ever have trouble believing?  Have you ever found yourself needing a little something extra to boost your faith?  It’s not that you doubt God’s existence.  It’s not that you question His power or ability.  You just would like a little more tangible proof that He’s there before you let go of the limb.

We’ve entered the “holy place.”
For three years they have walked with Him.
They’ve shared life with Him.
They’ve heard the teaching, witnessed the miracles and marveled at His character.
But the last week has been confusing.
A grand welcome into Jerusalem began the week.
Shouts of, “Hosanna” and praise fit for a conquering king.
Yet Jesus spoke of death and going away.
He said it was time for the Son of Man to be glorified, yet He washed their feet.
They had been through so much together and yet He said one of them would betray Him.
Peter was told he would deny Him.

Confused, frustrated, frightened and uncertain they tried to make sense of it all.  Then Jesus said, “Don’t let your heart be troubled.”  That was almost funny.  They believed He was Messiah.  He was going to usher in the Kingdom of God but He is talking about dying and going away.  “Oh but don’t let that upset you.  Don’t let that get you down.”  What were they to make of all this?  How were they to get their mind around it all?  The path to peace, they were told, was to trust Him.  Believe in Him.  He was going to prepare a place for them and then come take them to be with Him but that was later.  They can’t come right now.  For now they must believe.  Trust God.  Trust Him.  But how?  Our text this morning is found in John 14 beginning with verse 7.

Text: John 14:7-11

The life of faith is not an easy life.
It is marked by starts and stops.
It is halting and hesitant.
Yes there times it is robust and bold but more often than not it is a struggle.

Look at 14:6-7.
14:6 = is a core confession of the church.
It states in no uncertain terms the uniqueness of Christ and His exclusivity.
He is the only way to the Father.
Not one of the ways – the one way, the only way.

It upsets a lot of folks in our culture – due to our independent way and our view of religious liberty.  However equal protection under the law does not mean equally valid.  (Barnhouse on religious liberty)

14:7 gives us a clue as to what is going on in the hearts and minds of the 11 remaining disciples.
“If you had known me, and apparently you don’t, you would have known my Father also.”

They are struggling to believe.
If there was any question about that Philip removes it – 14:8
Philip’s plea = “How can we know God?”  “Where do we find assurance?”

What’s clear in Jesus’ response is…

Thesis: Jesus Christ perfectly reveals God the Father to the seeking heart.

  • He and the Father are one.  (14:9-10)
  • His words are the words of God.  (14:10)
  • His works are the works of God.  (14:10)


  • He is worthy of your trust.
  • He is the only way to heaven.
  • He is the way, because He is the trust, because He alone has the power of life.
  • He perfectly reveals the Father and He is the only way you will ever see the face of God.
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